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Genu Track



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At a glance

  • Dynamic regulation of the guide pad pressure
  • Individualized setting of required pressure
  • Integrated 10° extension stops for proprioceptive
  • Prevention of hyperextension
  • Slim, compact design
  • Breathable SpaceTex® material
  • Recess in the popliteal space

Genu Track is a dynamic brace featuring a unique design that normalizes patellar tracking while also preventing knee hyperextension.
A patented medial joint dynamically regulates pressure exerted on the lateral tissue of the patella with a guide pad, and is dependent on the knee angle. If the knee moves into extension, the pressure of the guide pad increases thanks to a dynamic strapping system and prevents patella subluxation.


  • Patella luxation or subluxation
  • Femoropatellar pain syndrome
  • After lateral release operations
  • After patella tendon displacement
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Specific indications must be determined by the physician.


Size Circumference 15 cm above patella centre
XS 33 – 38
SM 38 – 46
MD 46 – 53
LG 53 – 61
XL 61 – 69
XXL 69 – 79

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Measure the circumference 15 cm ABOVE patella center.