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Omo Neurexa



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  • Shoulder pain and dysfunction including subluxation due to neurologic conditions such as:
  • Stroke, hemiplegia
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Peripherial nerve damage in cervical spine and shoulder area

Material: PCM™ (Phase Change Material)


  • Support the shoulder by positioning of the humeral head
  • Improvement of body posture achieved through improved sensorimotor control and support
  • Facilitates gait training due to the improvement of body posture and symmetry
  • Pain relief
  • Positioned in slight external rotation to avoid spastic patterns


  • PCM,™allows the patient to wear the orthoses all day long
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Muscle stimulation pads can be integrated into orthosis
  • Individual adjustment
  • Silicone strips on the inside to optimize function and prevent sliding

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Side Size Chest Circumference (cm)
Left Right XS 79 - 86  
Left Right SM 87 – 94
Left Right MD 95 – 102
Left Right LG 103 – 110
Left Right XL 111 – 118

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Chest Circumference (cm)